How Much Would It Cost To Hire Security Guard Agency in Ghaziabad?

Security Guard Agency in Ghaziabad demand seems to be increasing, with Organizations focusing more and understanding the importance of security. However, the cost to employ the PSO Agency in Delhi is quite a crucial factor that is to be taken into account, irrespective of the fact whether your organization is a major one or running a small business.

It is because of money playing the role of an important factor that this article has been prepared to offer complete information so that you can have the best value for the money you invest in hiring the Security Guard Agency in Delhi. So, go ahead and give the below-mentioned a read now.

Security Guard Agency in Ghaziabad – How much would it cost to hire them?

While employing the security team, there are various criteria that need to be taken to account. Like, the different requirement remains applicable in different industries, and in order to protect the valuables, the guards need to be knowledgeable and always on the lookout. Even the cost of hiring the entire team might vary based on the risk level of the job and also the type of services that are required, making it understandable as to why the cost varies to hire the PSO agency in Delhi.

To understand it better, continue reading ahead.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

The duties of unarmed security guards include speaking to witnesses and reporting crimes, while the armed security they are more than just fighting the crooks. The presence of them is essential in areas wherein the dangers remain constant.

In simple terms, an armed security guard agency in Ghaziabad can demand higher rates for the riskier situations, considering the fact that the armed officers, they undergo proper training courses. They also have extensive training in the utilization of weapons that can help deter and also minimize any kind of criminal activity, hence promoting both environmental and individual security in the working environment.

Hourly rates

• Hourly rates get influenced by Insurance and Experience.
• Security firm price gets determined by the security level needed.
• Unarmed security guards, they are less expensive in per hour rate as they do not receive any specific training for obtaining a license for carrying a weapon.
• Trained security officers, they help for minimizing theft and ensure loss prevention.
• Armed security guards, they are much more expensive, based on the region or employment risk.
• One must hire a trustworthy security guard agency in Delhi as with armed security guards comes as in additional liability.


• Experience level causes a high difference in the case of hiring a PSO agency in Delhi, considering the experience level and the training.
• A sizable gap remains between the skilled armed guard and the entry-level guard who is unarmed/armed.
• Independent and experienced guards can be cheaper, but they lack the equipment, permits, support, and insurance that the security guard coming with the agency might possess.

Site Security Guards

These guards are hired to ensure the security of private and valuable property. The guards can offer protection for expensive valuables, including the jewellery and other stuff. All such protection, it is required even when a sizable event is being hosted.

Hourly Rates

• The hourly rate for the basic security guard, it can range between INR 83 to INR 100 per hour.
• A security guard with additional experience and training will cost up to INR 150 per hour.

Cost-Saving Strategies

In order to work ahead with the cost-saving strategies, it is important to determine beforehand the type of security needed. Instead of hiring the security guard agency in Delhi for full-time services, one can even ask for part-time/on-call services in case the services are just needed for certain times/days.

Further, one must make sure to get as many bids from the businesses as possible to guarantee that one receives the best price for the services required. So, do not forget to request the quotes for unarmed and armed guards from three companies at least.

Make sure to consider the budget beforehand and, while you do so, account for uniforms, training, and the necessary materials. Also, ensure to have a better understanding of the number of hours a week the security guard will be required on duty.

Just do not forget that the security requirement for every single business is different, and it is based on business nature, security types, hours and location of the business, etc. Consider it all before making a move.

Hire PSO Agency in Delhi to Get the Best Deal for Your Security

Out there are many firms who you can connect with for the services needed. They all offer a wide range of services. From event security to central monitoring services, whatever the clients need, they are there to offer.

So, if you are looking forward to a proactive approach, you can connect with either one of them, including Verve Security, to get a proactive approach, self-motivated trained/untrained guards who come with experience and qualifications. The choice is yours. Go ahead and make a pick.