An Insight Into Security Guards Do’s and Don’ts

Delhi has always been on top when talking about the crime rates in India. With every further movement within the rate, the requirement for the best security guard company in Delhi too increases. Be it a company, a society, or a factory, at every place, the services offered by them are in demand. This is why hirers have been looking forward to the best Security Guard Provider Company in Delhi to offer peace of mind to not just to themselves but the employees or the associated individuals too.

However, the process of it might not always be straightforward. There is a lot to forward to and a lot to know about the dos and don’ts before hiring the best security guard company in Delhi. It is to offer and to remove doubts about it all that this blog has been prepared to create the awareness needed. Just continue the read ahead before you look forward to any security service provider.

Do’s and Don’ts for Security Guards


• It might sound surprising, but the security guard or the bounce, they will only be able to make the civilian arrests, in case the individual is shoplifting or trying to damage the property. The suspect is to be detained right there, immediately, even if there is a pinch of doubt.

• When the crime perpetrator is under the civilian arrest, they cannot leave the premises before the security guard allows him to.

• Security Guards are allowed to well-search the property or the belongings of a given place in case of doubt. To stop them will raise more suspicion and might red flag you.

• Instead of detaining individuals for a long period, the suspect is to be handed over to the police for further investigations.

• To talk about the investigation or to interrogate comes with limited powers in the hands of the factory security services in Delhi. The security guard is allowed to get into action if needed.

• The security guards, they are entitled for taking any audio or video recordings of the crime. It is needed to produce the same to the higher legal body or the authorities or the security guard provider company they are associated with.


• Even if the arrest has been made in doubt, the perpetrator mustn’t be allowed to leave the premises until the matter gets cleared.

• It is also to be noted that the security guards offering the factory security services in Delhi cannot divulge in to get the personal details of the perpetrator or any details related to the incident. Any move made can go against the guard within the courtroom.

• Even when the security guard provider company offers the service provider a proper uniform, the suspect can never be detained by the security provider for much longer.

• A lot of force in an unnecessary way cannot get used on the incumbent or any person who remains present at the incident place.

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